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There is a brief to-do list at the end of the change log. Even hyper-rudimentary is a polite way to describe it - it's a tiny fraction of the size of my private to-do list - but it does mention emulord's armor monsters as a thing being planned. (It also mentions that my current plan is to implement them as filthy rags.)

The private to-do list is mostly full of my own ideas right now, but "allow longer player names" is on it, as is checking a report of Nivim's about life-draining on mimics, looking into Aver's request to allow dragon-pact warlocks to ride in the arena, and Hugo's idea to give tourists extra money for photographs of a tsuchinoko. (There's also an ancient bug of vertigo's that's never been reproduced and I hope never will, and notes of some more exotic or jocular suggestions like wobbly's player beer elementals.)
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