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Shockbolt, your tiles are very beautiful, I admire them greatly! Thank you for your extraordinary work!

I'm currently enlarging David Gervais's 32x32 tileset for Z+Angband (would also work with Zangband). I'm adding tiles for the things that are missing there, or as alternatives for those that look not too suitable in my eyes (for example, all felines). Mostly I'm adapting or modifying old ones, or taking them from other tilesets. Would you allow me to include some from your set? I'll give the credit to you, and the link to your site. Currently I'd add only one panther... because I'm trying to preserve Gervais's style to some extent, and your style is quite different. But maybe in the future I'd add a couple of more, if you allow so (there will not be many, perhaps none other than the panther - but just in case).

I'm also asking your permission to modify the tiles, or use parts of them. Here is your panther, as it would look in this set:

I've added some lighter accents to make it more visible on detection, when it appears on the black background.
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