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Originally Posted by luneya View Post
Unless you're a divine caster, CCW is not a limitless resource. !CCW is common enough that it doesn't have to be hoarded like !heal and higher, but it's possible to run out. The town shops sometimes stock !CCW, but the only heal that's guaranteed is !CLW.

Even though stunning doesn't happen in the early game, I wouldn't want to make it nastier than it already is without also increasing the treatment options. If we're going that route, not only would I make sure that CLW and CSW reduce the stun timer (as they do with poison, etc.), but I would also make it so that heroism and berserk strength confer pStun along with pFear. Both of those changes are thematically logical, and anyway few people carry those potions during the part of the late midgame when stun is most problematic. If people want to carry those potions as stun protection, that means sacrificing an inventory slot that could have gone to something else.
I like that idea of heroism and berserk strength granting pStun. A+ would brainstorm again.

I don't object to C[L,S]W reducing stun timers, to be clear. I just don't really remember ever having been in a situation where I was stunned and didn't have CCW. But maybe I'm an outlier in that, or my memory is just letting me down again.

Originally Posted by takkaria
That was fun and surprisingly quick to (mostly) implement
Wow, that was fast! Thank you! I'm looking forward to seeing how it plays.
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