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Here's the current code from obj_make:

/* Apply pvals */
for (i = 0; i < o_ptr->ego->num_pvals; i++)
if (!o_ptr->pval[i]) o_ptr->num_pvals++;
o_ptr->pval[i] += randcalc(o_ptr->ego->pval[i], level, RANDOMISE);

So base and ego pvals are added.

In object_pval_flags(), the flags on which the pvals are applied are ORed using of_union(). Let's examine the Elven Cloak of the Magi example again, using the latest txt files...

Base item: an Elven Cloak (L:2:STEALTH, L:1:SPEED)
Ego item: of the Magi (L:d2:1:INT, L:d3:1:STEALTH)

In object_prep(), the base pvals are assigned to the object pvals:
- pval 1: +2 to stealth
- pval 2: +1 to speed

In ego_apply_magic(), the ego pvals are assigned and added to the object pvals:
- pval 1: +1/+2 to int, making it +3/+4 to stealth/int
- pval 2: +1/+3 to stealth, making it +2/+4 to speed/stealth

The result:
an Elven Cloak of the Magi <+3/+4,+2/+4>
- +3/+4 to int
- +2/+4 to speed
- +5/+8 to stealth

If I'm correct, this is a hell of an ego item!

Sounds like a check must me made on the pval_flags when assigning the ego pvals to the object pvals:
- loop on ego pvals
- for each ego pval, get pval_flags
- for each pval_flag, check if it's already present on the object
- if yes, add the pval to the corresponding object pval
- if no, increase the number of object pvals and assign the pval to the new object pval

Some change must probably be made in object_pval_flags() to reflect this...

This means that object pvals must be an array of 2*MAX_PVALS, in case base item and ego item have a completely separate set of pval_flags...
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