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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
Okay, fair enough. I generally don't see the need to use limits that we might conceivably reach at any time unless there are good technical reasons for those limits.
Agreed. In this case I think the limits are not technical and are instead (i) space on a line for describing an object (+x, +y) [a, +b] <+c, +d, -e, -f, etc.> and (ii) space in our brains for retaining the concepts of so many numbers. So my idea was that we could set MAX_PVALS at whatever we liked and see what happened. So far I've only done the most cursory tweaks to items to actually use 2nd and 3rd pvals - just what I could see would make sense immediately without unbalancing anything (e.g. separating DEX/MIGHT/SHOTS on Buckland slings). I am shortly going to go through the edit files with a fine tooth comb and do this properly for 3.3 - doubtless to howls of outrage from Timo, Eddie and Pete Mack. But I figured it would be worth doing that before deciding whether we needed more than three pvals.

Oooh, it's late and I'm tired. You're referring to my "max is max" comment, about why we can't just add extra pvals whenever an ego template requires a value that isn't used yet. We could try that and see how it goes. I'll try it when I fix #1404 and if it breaks before 3.3 we can revert to max=3.
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