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I've been thinking about both the skill limitations ideas and the possible issue of magic devices being too powerful and I have some suggestions about them; feel free to ignore them if you like..

The idea of not being able to increase any more skills once you reach 100 power seems sensible; for a long time I assumed this would be the case, until I first got a character with 100 power and found I could still increase skills!

I think it would be good if players had to think about the costs of skills rather than just the total number of skills as this would make the physically weaker but magically adept races more useful; as it is at present, by the end of the game, AFAIK, a troll or giant spellcaster can get just as good at magic as a gnome or elf (with good +int equipment) but has the advantage of higher hitpoints which the weaker races cannot make up.

One idea I have thought of is that maybe instead of the costs of learning different skills being dependent on race, different races should get overall bonuses or penalties to certain skills - so a gnome with maxed Spellcasting would have an effective skill of over 100%, making spells even more powerful, while a troll would have less than 100%. Oaths could also do something similar.

In terms of the power of magic devices and the devices skill, how about having something like a 'Guild of Gadgeteers' that would work a bit like the burglars guild but allow a character to specialise in using devices. Only these characters would be able to use the powerful rods etc at their full capacity, while nonspecialist characters and characters with magical oaths would still be able to use them but with reduced damage, and warriors with the Oath of Iron would still be significantly weaker with devices.
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