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PWMAngband 1.1.8 released

For those unfamiliar with PWMAngband, it's a multiplayer real-time variant of Angband based on MAngband 1.1.2 with additions from ToME (features from the time it was still called PernAngband, but without the Pern references) and a few personal additions: new races, classes, monsters and items.

This release mainly consists of porting the features from the Angband 3.3.x series. A big thanks to the Angband devteam for their awesome work!

See for the full story (and downloads).

To play on a PWMAngband server, download the client and the lib files and unzip them in the same directory. To start your own server, download the server and the lib files. If you want to enhance your playing with sounds, download the extra sound pack. And enjoy!
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