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I'm really not a fan of this device skill change, magic device skill was already incredibly important and staves of healing are *required* to win without going insane farming !healing. Do you really want all characters to have to equip amulets of magi for magic device skill? Even with reasonable device skill trash devices like nexus ball and dispel undead fail for 30%, they will see even less use (not that you can get less than zero). This makes undesirable races with poor device skill even worse, who would ever play a race like barbarian or zombie? There's a reason races with high HP and good device skill are the best. If you really really hate people using wands of rockets against the Serpent then give it rShards and make them use lower damage disintegration.

The thing is, this makes race/classes that were good only slightly worse, while making ones that were already bad far far worse.

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