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Originally Posted by Magnate View Post
Your "slow to a crawl" bug is faithfully captured as ticket #1265 - it's not fixed because whoever can reproduce it can't/hasn't fixed it. Eddie is the only other person who has mentioned being able to reproduce it, AFAIK, and I don't know if he's fixed it in his local version. (Eddie specifically mentioned that using the map window slows the game independently of flickering, so there may be two separate bugs here.) I don't think any of the dev team (including fizzix, who uses Windows) can reproduce this slowness.
Flickering is much worse than general slowdown, because when it is activated effect just multiplies, when not it apparently just causes a lot of calculations to get new color / movement. I actually can hear it in my other computer, whenever there is flickering monster on the screen and I try to run some fan inside the box increases RPM to cool down whatever it is cooling (display card probably, in my other box display card cooling is passive and doesn't make any noise).

To reproduce activate overhead term window. Without it slowdown either doesn't exist or is much smaller (at least until flickering monster is in main screen).

There is general slowdown too, but that is much smaller effect. Usually you notice the slowdown from some fast monster or monsters tracking you when you run along a corridor. At early levels packs of dogs and hounds are usual cause. Note that you don't need to see them in overhead or main screen, it is enough that they are there.

Main problem with flickering on is not the slowdown, it is the fact that entire overhead screen flickers with it. It is like if someone is pointing a strobe-light in your face. Intolerable.
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