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Lightbulb Making earlier levels a bit more interesting

Apologies if this post should go in some other forum - please let me know if that is the case.
I think Angband is awesome, but the aspect of it I dislike is the extreme scarcity (or rarity) of really good items in the earlier levels.
I get the idea that this encourages taking risks, diving down as much as possible to grab good loot, and I can see that any sort of "autoscumming" system would end up spoiling the game.

I recently messed with the code a bit, and came up with the following idea, that I'm finding quite entertaining: when the player visits a level for the first time ever, an object feeling of 6 or greater is guaranteed for the level. Afterwards, the object feeling for that level defaults to what the game currently does.
I'm finding that this makes the early grind less boring, while keeping things fairly balanced: scumming is impractical because after the first time you visit a level good items become again scarce on that level.
My code tweak is definitely crude - basically I wrapped a while loop around the level generation, and created a "level visited" static array to keep track of the depths already visited by the player.
If enough people like this idea at all, maybe it could be implemented as an option by some more experienced developer?
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