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Ok, here's a RNG type story. It was a while ago, but it's one of my more memorable losses:
I'm a priest, and I'm at about DL10, slowly but steadily taking Wormtongue down. Finally, many ?Phase Doors and OoDs later, he goes down. He's directly to my left, about 8 spaces away, and I see that his one and only drop is a yellow '~'... except I already have the Phial courtesy of Smeagol. Wow! The RNG giveth!
Without thinking, I move towards it... only to fall through a trap door the very next space. While it's true I forgot that Wormy creates traps, out of ALL THE POSSIBLE KINDS, the ONE KIND that's between me and what I assumed was the Star of Elendil is a %$(# trap door. The RNG taketh away...
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