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AAR Angband (4.1.0-97) Ironman Gnome Mage

AAR Angband nighly (4.1.0-97-gafee142a)

Gnome mage. No recall, forced descent.
I put all points on STR and INT. Did this to avoid large speed penalty from overload in the early game where I hoard all I can find.
Not the best decision: 1) an early speed boost made it redundant, 2) I had very poor HP until 4050' and I maxed internal CON first at 4850'

Depth	 Note
0  	 Bought some ?phase door and !clw plus mb1,2 & food and light

50-1450' Avoided uniques but killed Grip, Lagduf, Wormtongoue, Orfax, Fang, Nar, Smegaol
	 The theory is that vaults will be guarded by wimpy unique's if they live

550' 	 Found -restoration - ironman favourite along with -curing
550' 	 Found first Lantern - but no magical light in the entire game
	 checked the .spo file afterwards - it had three artifact Lanterns 

1150'  	 Lost soul... love it! - Dropped a =RoS +8. Amaaaazing!

1500'	 Enter at level 24, leave as level 25 - I start hunting for uniques and bigger foes
1550'	 An elfstone provides rPoison 
1550' 	 Robe of Permanence!  Sweet, used it nearly all the way until the uber MHD Scale Mail turned up
1700'  	 Iron Helm of Tandorin adds SI and imm Cold 

2450'    Steel Shod Boots of Durth- Sweet! +10 speed and stealth => +18 base speed before encumbrance
2450'    Morning Star 'Bregor' activates for Heal(300) which is nice

2500'    Killed Ariel -- Balls of lightning and frost? [immune] Eat this! Sucker!
3300'    Funny thing about a Dreadlord, was hard to kill but... he dropped KELEK's [not!]
	 oh, no, not really, I was excited but also wrong. RAAL's - Not quite the same!
	 But still good - getting rift and meterors where overdue

3800'    Tarrasque - Hi! I'm so sneaky so I can dance around you!

3900'    A nearly perfect sling of Buckland! x4 (+18,+20) +2 +2 
	 This one made the game much easier and saved a ton of !mana

4000'  	 Reached level 45, still with poor CON/HP, mediocre speed and only Raal's plus my Buckland

4050'    Three big steps towards winning
	 1) KELEK's turns up in a major vault, that boosted my confidence
	 2) Killed Boldor, King of the Yeeks!
 	 3) MHD Scale Mail 'Aranas' completes the end game kit: +5 con, +9 speed!

4800'  	 Killed Ungoliant, the Unlight - The worst HP bag. Ever.

4950'    Killed Sauron, the Sorcerer - Mostly Mana stormed

5000'    Killed Morgoth, Lord of Darkness - wand of Annihilation exclusively
	 430 damage per zap with device skill 132
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