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Yeah, having anywhere below 4.0 speed risks unavoidable death. it's not guaranteed, and people have won without it, but as you experienced, sometimes the (rather unlikely) double mana storm happens. Even if it doesn't, however, getting double-moved is pretty nasty. Two round of melee can hurt quite a bit, though a warrior is liable to have enough AC not to notice too much. A mana storm and a summon forces a low-hp teleport, a mana storm and a damage spell can kill you if you're not at full health etc.

You wouldn't have gotten killed this precise way if you were using the +10 RoS. That said, not having Telepathy, those stat boosts, the extra damage, the pBlnd, probably wouldn't have gone great for a warrior either, especially if you were already low on supplies.

Teleporting Morgoth away regularly would probably allow you to win eventually in theory. However, without 0% fail TO, it wouldn't be all that great for healing conservation, you'd still be taking frequent risks. So you'd kind of want to be a Mage (though Mages really should probably just Create Doors, staff of healing, recharge if needed, and open a door and keep blasting).

Sting is a pretty good weapon. It's still somewhat unfortunate that you didn't find anything better, though. You are right that blows are more important than dice for most of the game. There are variants which try to change this with alternate combat systems.

Making it to Morgoth on your first ironman game is impressive. If you want to take the pressure off a bit, you could turn off either force_descend or no_recall and still get either a townless or a limited-stuff game.
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