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Technically, that wasn't the initial attempt, but I stopped the video before I found the Ring the first time (it was only in the next room), and when the second take left the Ring right with the Balrog, it was too good not to emphasize.

I can still do one more thing with the Ring before claiming it as my own; I might have it measured just how precious it is. I suppose that they would want it at the magic shop, and it would be interesting to see how much money they would want me to pay to get it back. I suppose I am safe with my $1,713,565.

Such a sale would be interesting, as I think the most valuable artifact I actually ever sold before was Anduril, and that's a good cut below the One Ring. Perhaps I will sell Narya first (I won't be needing it anymore), just to judge something of the going price of Rings of Power.
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