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I've only barely picked angband back up after not playing it for a couple years, so maybe I'm not super qualified to make suggestions, but I love mages so here goes. (sorry if I ramble a bit.. )

Perhaps there could be a % chance fast cast would deactivate whenever the mage sustained damage, with the chance being higher for more damage? It seems like a flat out nerf to mage spell damage/turn would be both boring and invalidate the point of fast cast. Fast cast probably needs to cost more, and maybe you should take extra damage if you get hit while it's active? I feel like fast cast should be specifically decimating to enemies that have no ranged attack or ability to close distance quickly, since the mage can just shoot 'n scoot them with little fear anyway. Fast cast just makes these fights less tedious.

Just spouting out ideas, because I think mages are more fun in their current iteration than they've been in a while, and I don't want them to be stuck with boring linear playstyles. Feel free to ignore any of this though, I'm just a Noob . BTW thanks for the great game and all the work you put into it Nick. Keep it up!
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