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Where to find all the number-key maps

I've got a working ncurses version of vanilla 3.0.9 for maemo/nokia N800, and can run it using the on-screen keyboard (device is a handheld with screen resolution 800x480).

Only problem is the on-screen keyboard on the N800 has a telephone number-pad layout rather than a computer number-pad layout - which means that the upper left key is the number '1'.

I'm forever moving up when I mean to move down.

I'd like to be able to remap the keys so that they are 'flipped' vertically. Hunting through the files, I've got the keys remapped for normal movement, but it's not applying for when I'm running or targetting.

Any suggestions for where/how to remap the "running" and "targetting" versions of the number-pad keys?
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