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Does anyone personally know Dawnmist online?

I tried to email him at but I keep getting a delivery error.

Anyway, if there's anyone that knows how to get in touch with him, could you please do me the favor and point him over this way?

This is email that I tried to send to him. Thanks.

Greetings Dawnmist!

So I was rifling through the internet and stumbled upon your post over at the Angband forums.

I found your file that you have available for download and immediately installed it.

I must say, it was a thing of beauty! It almost put a tear in my eye.

Real quick though, I think I'm having some slight problems getting it to run correctly.

I fire up "X Terminal"

Then type "angband"

It loads just fine and I get to the main title screen, but it's not in full screen mode like you claim to have it running in your post.

I also don't have your custom keyboard featured with it either.

I see that you have these two files on your webpage:


Am I supposed to download these as well?
If so what do I do with them? Please bear in mind that I don't know anything about Linux.

Right now it works great with the xkbd keyboard package, but I would much rather use your customized keyboard.

So real quick, can you give me a hand on this?

I so would love to see this in full screen mode with your personal keyboard working along with it by the end of the night.

Finally, how hard was this for you to compile?

The reason why I'm asking is because if you could port Nethack the same way you did for this version, I'd be in heaven!

I know that there's Josep Torra's version, but it's not old school.
The rapid fire directional keys is like playing Nethack on ice, there's too many scroll options, and his personalized port doesn't really do anything for me.

Anyway, please write back as soon as you can.

I can't wait to hear from you.

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