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Originally Posted by Infinitum View Post
Oooof yeah this effectively makes my favourite (+2,2d5)[+2] Mithril Longsword with sharpness/danger unmakeable. Guess my smithing builds are back to 4 points + jeweler and no investments past that.
Bear in mind that my attempts to flatten out the smithing power curve have made a lot of previously overly expensive stuff much more reachable than before; the higher end may be pricier, but you should get more in the middle.

For instance, a sharp mithril longsword cost 22 before, and now costs 26. 22 was the same cost as a fire brand blade, and fire is resisted by some enemies. A fire brand mithril longsword now costs just 16, and you can have both fire brand and Cruel Blow for 22 (previously 29). Other possibilities for 22 points would include a 2d7 mithril longsword with rFear (previously 27); a vampiric mithril longsword with free action that slays dragons and raukar (previously 34); a mithril longsword that slays orcs, trolls, wolves, spiders, undead and raukar (previously 37).

Not everything is cheaper, but enough stuff is that it's worth playing round. With negative effects now discounting normal enchanted items, a Shadow Cloak of Winter's Chill is now just 13 Smithing: darkness and cold vulnerability trades off for gaining 3 points of Evasion and 2 of Stealth, and 13 points is achievable quite early, especially if you find a Grace potion. Armoursmithing has possibly gained more than weaponsmithing, with a bunch of abilities which exist on artifacts once again open to be Smithed.
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