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Originally Posted by DavidB1111 View Post
So, I've discovered a weird bug in this variant with this version. One I never found before.
Every so often now, the game freaks out and gives me an error message about Assertion Failed when I pick up items.
IT's in relation to the Obj->loc.where == inv->type
This is really annoying, because I really like this character so far, and I have no idea why it started to happen, or what caused it. It's completely random, and any item can set it off, and it breaks the game because even though I can ignore it, it constantly spams it every time I pick up any item after that.
I don't know what the heck is going on.

Has anyone had this happen?
That's a new one; my first guess would be savefile corruption, caused either by a rare bug or some external issue, but I'd have to see the savefile to draw any real conclusions.
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