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4.2.1 - Necromancer artifacts that have +1 light

So as a necromancer I found an artifact light source that I discarded because I don't want to get hit with a ritual penalty.

But then I found this pretty ring after reading an acquirement scroll:

the Ring 'Telengor' <+5, +3, +1>
Conjured forth by magic at 1600 feet (level 32)

+5 strength.
+3 speed.
+1 light.
It causes your melee attacks to slay animals.
Provides resistance to Acid, Lightning, Light, Dark, Shards,
Nexus, Nether.
Cannot be harmed by Lightning.
Grants the ability to see invisible things.

When activated, it allows you to breathe light or darkness for 200
Takes 344 to 504 turns to recharge at your current speed.
Your chance of success is 95.1%

I brought this up to the surface to try no and see what kind of hit my rituals would take.

So imagine my surprise when I try it on and the light doesn't affect me. Wearing it my Light still shows +0. My rituals all show the same percentages.

Is this true for all artifacts for necros? Is it because I resist light? Or because I'm not wearing a light source?
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