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Originally Posted by lea2501 View Post
Hi! i wanted to try out the first Angband versions, i downloaded the source code for 2.4.frog-know (i think its the first public version) from and typing:

$ make
i get:

gcc -g -fwritable-strings -DLIBDIR=\"/home/lea/games/roguelikes/angband/\"  -c /home/lea/games/roguelikes/angband/ -o /home/lea/games/roguelikes/angband/
gcc: error: unrecognized command-line option ‘-fwritable-strings’; did you mean ‘-Wwrite-strings’?
make: *** [Makefile:43: /home/lea/games/roguelikes/angband/] Error 1
Maybe someone knows how to make it compile in newer linux distros, im trying in a up-to-date arch linux.
That’s gonna be tricky to fix without some serious code surgery. Writing to constant strings hasn’t been legal C for a long, long, time. (Probably because it’s a huge source of potential problems.)

You’d likely have better luck with Ben’s versions.
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