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Same here

I am also wanting to compile old versions of Angband. I started playing on Fangband (not FaAngband) back in the 90s and eventually found the official Angband community in the 2.8.x days and played until around when Ben stepped down. I haven't played much since but recently got my first ever laptop and am having a really fun time installing and playing all my old favorite games. While hunting down the old Fangband binary I found which did not exist last time I checked up on the community. I did find DOS binaries for all the old PCAngband stuff. I am fascinated that so many features in Fangband did not make it in to the official game until the Ben era (and even then destroying items wasn't implemented until the middle of his tenure) but reading about it isn't the same as playing it and I want to run a few characters on as many of the stable releases from prior to the beginning of Ben's era. I am particularly insterested in the 2.5/Charles Swiger era which I completely skipped over. I'm happy to use Linux (I am running Arch but I wouldn't mind spinning up another distro for this) or DOS (Dosbox). I tried to compile Angband 2.7.8 for Linux (which is actually Ben Harrison's second stable version to "ship") but I ran into compile errors with this as well.

 [janusduo@ArchBox src]$ sudo make install
[sudo] password for janusduo:
gcc -O -Dregister= -c io.c
io.c:12:10: fatal error: bsd/sgtty.h: No such file or directory
   12 | #include <bsd/sgtty.h>
      |          ^~~~~~~~~~~~~
compilation terminated.
make: *** [Makefile:151: io.o] Error 1
I found a copy of a file named sgtty.h in another place in my filesystem and tried pointing to that but what followed was a bunch more errors. I tried picking through them and didn't really get anywhere so I reverted io.c for now. I did go through config.h and set the install directory and anything that seemed to need my attention before compilation but I'm really just guessing here.

Are there any post PCAngband and pre-Ben Harrison binaries for DOS( or Linux) kicking around? I haven't been able to find any. I downloaded the Angband 2.7.8 linux binary from but when I tried to run it I go a "cannot execute binary exec format" error. This leads me to suspect that I will need to somehow compile source myself if I want it to run on Linux so maybe DOS binaries are a better bet. Does anyone know how to compile the 2.5-2.6.2 or at least pre 2.7.4 (which is the earliest DOS binary after PCAngband that I've been able to find online.)
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