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Originally Posted by Mike View Post
The feature was removed in gcc 4, so you'll need gcc 3.x.
Oh, thank you for that info! I'll try using one of the gcc 3.x versions next time I get back to working on this. This is exactly the sort of advice I was hoping to find here. I used to lurk in an Angband channel on an IRC server back in the day. Stormfront or something? I wonder if there is an IRC chat or a Discord that Angband folks like to use these days. This was the nearest I found with a quick DuckGo. I'll do some more searching later.

Originally Posted by Julian View Post
Variants weren’t really a thing until Ben’s tenure; his code cleanup and exiling of game data to text files made it much, much, easier to make a variant.
Oh yeah, for sure. I was reading on the Rephial page of Angband 2.5.0-beta that FAngband was the first, and I think it forked off of an early PC version of 2.4.frog-knows. It amazes me that instead of that becoming the next official version the later official versions simply re-implemented all of its features into what had become the official Angband version.

Originally Posted by Julian View Post
You may be in luck. IIRC, there were several makefiles and a bunch of compile-time options to deal with the plethora of Unixen. I’m guessing that it’s trying to build for a BSD instead of Linux, and there’s probably a better set of options in the Makefile, and you just need to comment out the ones it’s using and uncomment one of the others.
Yeah, that makes quite a bit of sense. I'll chase down that possibility when I get back to it. I have a very busy two weeks ahead of me so unless I happen to have time to kill that I don't expect I probably won't get into it for a while.

Thanks to you both so much for the feedback! I really love Angband, it was my first d20-inspired video game RPG and is still my favorite. ToME <2.3.5 ended up being my favorite variant, although before I got into that I spent a lot of time with Zangband. Around that same time I met Eric Bock on the IRC and played his Zceband variant a bunch too which has a lot of cool stuff like demons from Doom, rocket and shard attacks, as well as explosive barrels and stuff like that.

Has anybody ever seen an Angband variant with a Doom style "Build Engine" GUI? I never knew at the time how similar Doom was to a Roguelike under the hood, being a 2D overhead game which is then displayed in 3D. Ah well, there is always that game "One More Dungeon" which is basically a modern take on this idea. I just think it would be more fun for me if it was Angband content and possibly turn-based.
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