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Not really scumming, I dive a little slower and sometimes feel the need to go up a level, for instance when I go down an stand in the miidle of an orc horde or if there is a bunch of acid hounds nearby.

The ranger has the early detect monster spell which helps a lot to decide whether to stay or to leave.

There are some guides which have suggestions for what to cover for certain levels, but most of them are a bit outdated. Free action was extremely important and still is, but paralyzing has a bit toned down, so you have a chance to survive the early paralyzers, by waking up in time and escape.
Resist poison was an issue and still is (after ~2000'), but to a lesser degree, because there is the resist poison potion as a temporary aid. Though mass poisoners are still very dangerous as are the one breath to kill monsters ^^.

I am having the impression that it was easier, say in 3.06, to get armor of resistance or elven armor early on. I feel they are a bit rarer now wich often makes it necessary to swap things; but that may be my playstyle because I dive faster than back then. (I almost always get artifact armor prior to resistance armor.)

With +9 speed and detection ability, you can avoid nearly every danger if playing careful. Just make sure you have always methods of escape (teleport, teleport level, deep descend) and healing. Wands and rods of teleport other are also vital, but they appear to be somewhat rarer also.
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