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Handling Shockbolts in Angband 4.0.0

I promise I tried to unsuccessfully sourcedive to get the answers before asking these questions.

Shockbolt is almost done with his NPPAngband tileset (NPPMoria tileset to follow). I have yet to work out a good way to display the tiles that are twice as high as they are wide.

How does Angband handle Shockbolt's 128x64 tiles? I recall a comment from Nick in a post a couple months ago that they are handled by an ugly hack, but I could not find it.

I am assuming that, if a tile is2x1 in height, it simply occupies the square the monster is in, as well as the one above it? What if there is a monster right above the monster where the tile is a 2x1 ratio? How does the player know to attack or target a monster displayed with a 2x1 tile?

If anyone can point me to the code in Angband 4.0.0 that handles this, I thank you in advance.
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