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L7. 9-1. Omens of death haunt this place, and it might have something to do with the ogre pit near my entry point: 20 ogres and 35 black ogres. Avoid. I earn CL 11 (61 HP, 20 SP) in battle with a small team of cave orcs and snagas in a small room, learning Hold Monster. Smeagol is here; I hit him with a magic missile and 2 charges from my wand of wonder, but he steals a few coins and disappears before taking any real damage.

L8. 3-?. I spot Wormtongue sleeping in a large room with a rat and a jelly. Unloading all 8 charges from my wand of wonder barely scratches him, but when I try my bow, I discover the arrows I'm carrying are arrows of venom that do 58 damage/round. 3 arrows ends Wormtongue's life. He drops a pair of cursed [1,+6] leather sandals of free action. They have chilled to the bone and other unknown runes. I decide to wear them anyway for at least a bit. A giant white dragon fly is my ticket to CL 12 (68 HP, 22 SP). I soon discover another curse on my sandals: poison.

Bullroarer the Hobbit meets me in a hallway. I try to get a little distance with phase door but my cursed sandals prevent me; they have teleportation ban to. Plan B: I blast him 5 times with magic missiles from close range; he scores a few hits before he dies, dropping a new pair of [1,+4] {??} leather sandals (for which I swap out the cursed ones) and a (+4,+5) {??} tulwar that doesn't seem worth the bother.

L9. 3-1. A mixed team of cave orcs, hill orcs, and snagas is waiting near my entry point. Killing them takes me to CL 13 (69 HP, 24 SP); I learn Frost Bolt. I meet Smeagol again; this time I hit him with 7 frost bolts, 2 arrows of venom, and 5 magic missiles, which finally kill him. He drops only a scroll of treasure detection, which I add to my pack.

L10. 3-2. Grishnakh is camped out near my entry point with 11 snagas and 8 hill orcs. Engaging his party takes me to CL 14 (77 HP, 26 SP). 4 arrows of venom and 2 frost bolts take care of Grishnakh, who drops only a useless war hammer, but takes me to CL 15 (85 HP, 28 SP). I pick up a [+12] ring of protection, which raises my AC to 41. Just for the heck of it, I learn Wonder before going down the stairs, thus completing my knowledge of the book Conjurings and Tricks.

L11. 3-2. Wandering around, I pick up some junk: an amulet of resist acid {??}; a main gauche (+6,+10) {??} to replace the dagger I found on L2; and a ring of the mouse (0,-11) <+4,+2>, which raises my stealth rating to "excellent".

L12. 3-3. A small band of black orcs and snagas takes me to CL 16 (91 HP, 29 SP). My frost bolt spell is now down to 5% fail chance, my maximum level of mastery at this point, so frost bolt becomes my main attack. I find a long bow of power (x3) (+3,+15); my arrows of venom now do 62.1/124.2 damage/round. Finding a stack of Identify Rune scrolls, I learn my sandals are slow descent. With 12 STR, I can't carry too much. My main gauche is useless anyway, so I drop it to lighten my load by 3 lb.
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