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Originally Posted by DavidMedley View Post
I think I like the reduction in spellbooks. But why stop there? Why do casting classes even need a book to cast a spell? Can't recall ever seeing it in Tolkien. In the game, why should casting classes have less inventory spaces?
Balance. A warrior has to lug around staffs, rods and potions to get the same effects you get via spells. So, if you eliminate spellbooks, it's actually warriors that end up having fewer slots available. Casters are already at an advantage like this, because a single spellbook serves multiple purposes.
I think it would be cool to have books to learn spells from, and "weapons" that are actually casting implements. Starting equipment for mages: wizards staff that's kinda heavy, doesn't do much damage, but gives you +1 INT for casting only. Or priests could have a similar item that's a pendant/necklace.
There are already amulets of wisdom, and casters already use weapons as "stat-sticks" for most of the game, effectively. The major change that you suggest is that these should be part of your starting gear. Currently, it's not like that, but there are intrinsic class plusses and minuses to stats, which serve the same role, with the only difference that these bonuses are not tied to an item.
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