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Having picked up a wand of TO on DL20 I dropped down 11 floors from DL28 to DL39 very quickly from two ?DD scrolls and the first young dragon I encounter (a blue one I was so dastardly to risk taking on) and kill drops me boots of speed <+5>. Then on DL42 I find boots of speed <+10> and a scroll of "prus por" turns out to be acquirement in a fairly well guarded vault (had to use up all my TOs and recharge the wand as my main damage output is from a short bow of power), procuring a fine artifact helmet of Telepathy for my weakling Dwarf Ranger: +4 STR, +3 INT, +1 light, with ,Emergency activation. I also have rBase from 4 separate pieces of equipment: Amulet of rAcid, armor of rLightning (bought from a store), shield of rCold (bought from a store) and rFire from helmet.

It's not every day diving is so handsomely awarded.
Detailed account of my Ironman win here.
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