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So I take down Bolg on DL23 at about 33 damage per round (and I didn't use a speed potion). And he drops a +2 Wis (+3, +8) Rapier and I'm like, nice upgrade from my +3, +4 main gauche! And I'm a paladin. Then I walk the other way and see a 5d6 spear with +3 STR he also dropped which is also blessed by the gods. Not a bad early game weapon.

Last two Paladin games I died quite suddenly; one because I was foolishly trying to kill inertia hounds when Gorlm suddenly showed up and blasted me with water jets. This game where I found the nice early 5d6 rapier I died because I thought I could go one more round against confused Bill given that Tom did very little damage when he was confused. Well, 82 health went to nill in one round.

New game (HT/Warrior) just now I found a cloak of the magi [1,+9] on DL7 <+1>. Guess what the level feeling for it is?
Detailed account of my Ironman win here.
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