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Originally Posted by backwardsEric View Post
The changes to main-cocoa.m, from git format-patch, are attached. They do have the disadvantage of taking up more screen real estate to show the same information: the rectangle for one grid location will typically be two pixels wider and taller than in 4.2.0. The changes also don't do anything to address the request to allow the tile size to be separated from the text size.
Thanks, I'll add those in some time.

While I have the attention of someone with current macOS programming knowledge - I don't suppose you have any idea why the lore.txt and window.prf files are filing to rewrite on Catalina, do you? I suspect it's not liking writing when lore.txt already exists, but am not sure. I think I have a couple of ideas for a workaround, but any extra info would help.
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