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Originally Posted by Nick View Post
While I have the attention of someone with current macOS programming knowledge - I don't suppose you have any idea why the lore.txt and window.prf files are filing to rewrite on Catalina, do you? I suspect it's not liking writing when lore.txt already exists, but am not sure. I think I have a couple of ideas for a workaround, but any extra info would help.
This documentation,
, has some discussion about what's implicitly allowed for access in ~/Documents and what will trigger a user prompt. The Info.plist key that's described there is listed as optional so I doubt that its absence in Angband's Info.plist is causing the problem. The console messages could indicate which file access is getting blocked (i.e. whether it's writing the *.new version or the renaming) and why a user prompt to allow access doesn't appear. I haven't installed Catalina so that's all the possibly useful information I have.
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