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Some tileset tools

Here is the source for three tools, a tile "unpacker" and "packer", and a tool to adjust the foreground color of tilesets where there is transparency. All three are run from the command line.

There is a readme file that provides a basic description of the tools and files used.

The are not any makefiles, so those would have to be made.

The tileset filename used in the "packer" and "unpacker" needs to start with the width and height of the individual tiles. The Gervais tileset, "32x32.png" would work as is, but Nomad's tileset ("8x16.png") would need to be renamed to something like 16x16nmd.png to use the right individual tile size. (then rename it back to use in game.)

No windows specific code is used in the tool, so it should work on any platform you can compile libpng on.

Please let me know if there is anything that doesn't work or if there is anything I can improve.
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