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Originally Posted by joelsanda View Post
Attached. I doubt it matters much, but I also attached my FAangband .plist file as that variant also exhibits the same behavior. Both have .txt added to permit uploading in the forum.

I've removed the .plist file and the behavior returns immediately. FWIW upon initial launch after install neither Angband nor FAanband seem to move the main window upon initial launch, but after it's happened once it always happens on subsequent launches - and that's always within one to three launches of the application. That doesn't make sense to me, but I've seen that happen enough times figured it may be worth mentioning.
Thanks. When I move my .plist file aside and use yours, I do get a single window in the upper right corner, underneath the menubar. Moving the window with Spaces alone doesn't help. However, if I move the window with Spaces and then move it again by dragging the titlebar, the position saves correctly, and the window appears in the same place on subsequent launch. Can you verify whether you see the same behavior?

I don't know how this happens in the first place. There is even some code in term_data_check_size() to force the top of the window to be below the menubar, but clearly there's a path that bypasses that check.

Is this behavior at all dependent on the Space in which you run Angband? I didn't see any differences there, either, but Spaces could be related to the problem.
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