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It seems Matthias indeed has a point. I think there are many ways to solve the problem. I'd choose one that is the simplest and the most similar to how other things in Un work. E.g. make charging last 2 turns, just as blocking does. Or make it that *every* attack after a move is a charge, regardless of the direction of the move. So you don't charge only if you block (after standing still for one turn) or if you attacked the previous turn (in whatever direction). Etc., etc., there are lots of possibilities and only thoughtful players, like Matthias, can accurately evaluate them based on their experience, perhaps after some play-testing.

Edit: or make it that charging works only if the last move was exactly towards the monster, but the moster is thrown back 2 steps after the charge. Then if there is another monster or a wall, the monster collides with them with various deadly effects (see e.g. the game IVAN, for some ideas).

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