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Originally Posted by andrewdoull View Post

Um, there aren't any troll pits in Unangband... point taken though.
Hmm I'm sure I had at least one of them with my archer.... Could have been giants too. Something big, that for sure..


FYI There is a bug/feature at the moment, that allows you to attack in one direction, then attack in the opposite direction, e.g. because you are surrounded by monsters. The 2nd attack will count as a charge.

So suggestions are:

a) make charging never miss (huge monsters only might balance it better)
b) make charging blow add to normal blows.

and I could propose on the basis of the above bug/feature

c) make charging happen every two turns instead, against huge monsters.

Did you want to combine a & b? Its not clear from reading your comments...
My suggestion was b) only.
If you do a) then, from my experience, charging would be about equal to normal hits, and so, still not worth it. I agree that if charge always hits, it should do so for huge monsters only, or melee would be too easy for caster classes. It kind of makes sense too. A combination of both might go to far.
Maybe adding half of the blows might work.

BTW: I'm worried/intrigued about the 'weapons are rare in Unangband' comment. What's taking its place in drops? If its not armour, I could increase the overall chance of having a good/great item, which would mean that weapons would be rare but more useful when found...
This is a result of monster that are only able to drop some kinds of object. I think I suggested to make half of the drops random, and the other half following the current rules. If that is implemented already, ignore the point about not enough weapons until i could test it for a while...
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