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Difficult Games

I'm new here so forgive me if this has been done to death. I know there are many articles all over the web but I'd like to kear what Angband players think. I also know there is no definitive answer to "whats the hardest game" so I'd just like to know what games you've found most difficult. Games that you can actually win, I understand that there are games you cant, like Dwarf Fortress.

I considered Angband one for me due to the fact that Ive never won. But now that I know more about it I think I can eventually. Still it's right up there for me. I'm not a heavy gamer, Ill play a game pretty intensely until I beat it and then I often wont play another for months or a year.

I found the Dark Souls (almost seems cliche to mention them in a thread like this) games quite difficult but not nearly as much as their reputation would suggest. Loved them though. I think the game I had the most trouble with was Don't Starve. It's a great little game if you don't know it. Everything looks so cute but dont let that fool you, it is sadistic, at least until you know pretty much exactly how you have to win. I didnt rely on any forums whatsoever (like Im doing here!) so that certainly added to the challenge and the reward. The final level "Darkness" drove me nuts, I died so many times on that level, sometimes within a couple of seconds of winning. I wouldn't suggest it is the hardest game or anything, because I can beat it fairly easily now, but that was a tough one for me. If it's not a topic that bores you I'd love to hear yours.

Im partial to unforgiving games where when you die you start over. Although I'm sure Id never have beaten the Souls games if that was the case. I'm not that good at games. I heard a guy beat one of them without even getting hit once. He must have been an idiot savant or something, I died over and over ad nauseum, never mind not getting hit.

I think quite a few of you are developers so understanding the mechanics of games probably makes them much easier than for someone like me who has no idea what goes on under the surface.
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