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Oh yes I meant computer games. I'm actually pretty good at chess and Go, but Ive played enough to know Im not *really* good. When I was a kid I was usually the best chess player in my schools. So I thought i was a hotshot until i got a computer, a mac se30 that didnt even have graphics. But it was perfect for playing chess and discovering the internet chess club (its been a lot of years, that may not be what it's called) and being positively humbled by people around the world. I had a respectable rating but without devoting serious study to chess you cant compete with top level players. That was about the same time I discovered Angband. The lack of graphics limited my gaming choices but the depth of the games made up for it.

I'll look up those acronyms tomorrow, Im not familiar with any of those games so thank you for the suggestions. If there is a better roguelike than this one Im in for some fun forsure.
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