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Originally Posted by chris View Post
(FYI: Address sanitizer does not detect out of bounds stuff for arrays inside the middle of structs.)
Are you sure? I think it should be able to, unless the structs are packed for some reason. (Maybe it's version-dependent, I'm currently running clang 3.6.)

Originally Posted by chris View Post
EDIT3: Better answer. Install llvm-3.5 package and run
ASAN_SYMBOLIZER_PATH=/usr/bin/llvm-symbolizer-3.5 ./poschengband -g -uChris -- -n1
. I'm not sure that's any easier to type, though!
Sounds like bad packaging to me. I get symbol output by default without having to fiddle with ASAN_SYMBOLIZER_PATH or anything like that. (I'm pretty sure that was also the case with Clang 3.5.)

I guess you could always just add ASAN_SYMBOLIZER_PATH to your ~/.bash_profile (or whatever your shell is) so that you at least won't have to type all of that every time.
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