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For your consideration (with ones you already did removed):

Originally Posted by Patashu View Post

Officially supported difficulty settings that encourage the use of smithing, stealth or pacifist builds to beat them - lower items spawns, worse item spawns, no ego challenge, stronger monsters, etc.

Add more pacifist ways to deal with Morgoth (such as Fear and Mastery: )

Make it reasonable to NOT take Slaying/Sharpness, and give support for other songs in general (easier to get, better to use)

Buff Concentration (merge mpa-sil change to requirements, make it so Concentration is NOT broken by free attacks triggered by your other abilities)

Buff Parry (give an extra +1 or even +2 evasion if you use a blunt weapon)
Also, I'd say that since you're making a variant not a mainline Sil, don't feel like you have to remove 'niche' abilities too aggressively. Keep Careful Shot, keep Song of Freedom, etc - if people want to use them, why not?, let them. Stuff like Momentum being nixed is reasonable though since they warp the entire meta of the game by merely existing.
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