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Disabling Tiles without a Compiler

I downloaded 4.1.3 yesterday (and also 4.1.0) onto a Windows machine with no compiler handy. It runs successfully, but it uses a Tiles thing -- and I would prefer to go to the older Ascii letter thing I grew up on.

I did find an Options Menu, which includes a Graphics --> None tab, but it is all greyed out, so it seems I cannot disable the tiles. The ingame options don't seem to provide anything about disabling the tiles. Am I missing something?

I don't want to download the source code, since I don't have a compiler. If I can't avoid tiles here, what is the newest Windows download executable I can access that doesn't force me into Tiles? Or failing that, make the tiles much smaller, so those creatures only 10 steps away from me aren't always off the screen?
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