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Lightbulb Level Feelings

I thought I'd start a new thread rather than post to the Spellbook spawning one.

Derakon recommends playing with level feelings turned off. The original idea behind feelings (perhaps, no one really knows) was to help players decide if a level was worth exploring. Presumably so 'good' items could be found more quickly. I can understand wanting (loot-based) feelings because they are (perceived as) a 'better-than-nothing' guide to find good items.

So... ...imagine a birth option which was 'No Loot Feelings, Good Items Spawn 25% more often'. ....would I prefer that option? Who knows if 25% would make up for the lack of guiding feelings... ..but I'd certainly give it a try.

Just like we have a gold boost with selling turned off (so the game is less about shopping) why not have a loot-drop boost with feelings turned off (as the game should be less about having crudely-set/often-misleading expectations about a level) ?
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