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let's be realistic here for a second. Scumming was considered a bad practice because the game ran on a University server in 1990 and generating levels took up resources. In a game that has its own cheats built in and that can be defeated in intent by bringing up task manager, scumming is hardly a condemnable practice.
There's been already a scum nerf, as the feelings do not show until well into the exploration of the level, meaning you cant just stand on stairs until a 4-7 pops up.
Derakon seems to believe that if you are not powerdiving you are hurting the community or something like that. To others, collecting randards is the core of the game.

Having said that, i'll probably never move on from 4.1.2 so good luck with disabling/removing level feelings, on my end, i like to know that i'm on a 4-8 because a sling of buckland got generated and i sure aint leaving until i found it.
I'm also partial to knowing when it's 4-2 instead if im making a decision whether to challenge a rgoup of plasma/time hounds for that last mysterious item icon.
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