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Originally Posted by Sky View Post
Derakon seems to believe that if you are not powerdiving you are hurting the community or something like that. To others, collecting randards is the core of the game.
Please don't put words into my mouth. I advocate that players should try turning feelings off because I believe that that is a superior way to enjoy the game. For similar reasons I have advocated for turning selling off. But these are fundamentally subjective things where the community is divided, which is why they are optional. If you try no-feelings or no-selling and decide that it's not for you, then that's fine, you are absolutely free to continue playing the way you're most comfortable with and I don't judge you for it.

For what it's worth, I frequently play no-feelings no-selling forced-descent, which both invalidates stairscumming (and diving, to some extent) and means that there's a strictly limited number of levels to explore. I have never felt that this resulted in a shortage of equipment, nor that I had to stick around and explore every single level to make sure I'd gotten all the loot from it.

My perception of level feelings is that they're based almost entirely on fear of missing out: there's something "good" on this level, and I'm not leaving until I find it! I take two issues with this, which are why I advocate against level feelings. The first is that fear (or really, anxiety) is a negative emotion and I have enough of that in my life already, thank you. If I can cut some out by flipping a switch then I'll do it. The second is that (outside of forced-descent), there's an infinite number of levels. It is a choice to stay on a level, just as it is a choice to leave it. Therefore you are always missing out on the levels that you are choosing to not explore because you're staying on the current level. What if you stuck around on a 6 treasure feeling, but if you'd taken that staircase instead, Bladeturner would've been in the starting room? You can't know that wasn't the case.

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