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Complete N00b's Journey Character #4: Embar, the Edain Beor

Introduction: This is the fourth and final character in progress in the series called the "Complete N00b's Journey", where I attempt to see how far I get in my four tries despite my n00bish mistakes. This character, whose name is Embar and is an Edain Beor that is pursuing a standard melee build, has made it to 250 feet after some tense moments with some orc archers. To celebrate, I am now starting a thread for this character to track his further progress. As a reminder for this series, the number before the hyphen signifies the attempt that I am playing, and the number after the hyphen signifies the goal that I have finished. With that, I bring you:

Complete N00b's Journey: Part 4-1

After some ladder research, I started by taking 6 melee and 6 evasion points and quickly dashed down to 100 ft. I find a battle axe and kill a couple of orcs and quickly find and descend to 150 ft, where I then give 2 more evasion points and get the Flanking skill. From there, I get a longbow, a cloak, and some potions, and nearly get killed by orcish archers. I manage to get to a place where I can rest and drink a potion of orcish liquor to recover, and make it to the stairs to 200 ft. From there, I step into a trap that blinds me, find a helm, and find the stairs to 250 ft and end the part, hardly believing my luck.

The next goal is to get down to 350 feet, which I feel this character is slight underdog to accomplish.

So what should I spend my current pool of experience on now? Charge, Polearm Mastery, or some other skill? Or should I increase my Will points and go for hardiness?

Some items that I will work towards getting before going to the next part is a brass lantern and a shield to improve my survival chances. Any other items that I should look for before going to 350 feet?

The below link is the current status of Embar, which will be updated as I post future parts of this character's progress:

Any tips to improve this character's survival is appreciated.
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