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Thanks a lot for the input. Unfortunately, I get shot by a horde of orc archers at 300 ft just as I was about to escape the level to heal up.

YASD #4: Lucky shots from these damn orcish archers.

I get the Dodging skill and put another point into melee, and begin my exploration of the 250 ft level. I end up having to reload the level after running into a mewlip and having my memories wiped by something that rang a bell. In the second reloading, I find a small wooden chest that fails to open despite repeated attempts to do so. I then trigger an alarm trap and rush to the downstairs to 300 ft. I then run into a group of orc warriors and orc archers, and get shot by a very lucky hit that takes just enough hp to get me to 0 just as I was attempting to retreat back upstairs.

I gave the ladder a final update, and will provide my review of this game shortly in the main thread. Thank you all for your input.
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