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Originally Posted by andrewdoull View Post

I was wondering if we could collect together a list of websites upon which to announce the next Angband release. Angband relies on its community, and we are one of the 'classic' games for Linux, and now have an actively maintained OS/X port. It'd be good for a change to go out and actively get some new blood on a couple of platforms that don't have the widest selection of games.
I'm with you completely on this one. I think Angband only appeals to a small proportion of people, but a lot of those just may not get to hear about it unless it's around.

Because of this,I have started advertising for the last couple of releases of FA. I don't know how many more players it got me (there were certainly lots of downloads quoted...), but I did get two offers of ports from this (one to OS X, one to Ubuntu) so I guess someone noticed it.

I heard from rgrd that is the number one Mac site, so used that - and it then appeared on any number of other Mac sites. I also listed on Happy Penguin, and on
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