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@the other obvious weapon:

2 lb deathblades do 1d9 / 6 points, which is slightly better than great spears or shortswords it seems + 1 extra point base damage + better granularity.


I thought less about averages - the differences are after all not equally likely with opposed rolls - and concluded that I am very unlikely above the double critical difference margin against most enemies during the game. There will be double critical hits, but the most likely hits will be slightly less. (After all, I know shortswords work, I have yet to see a plain great spear user.)

@shortswords vs. spears:

There is another relevant difference, say if you have 1 pt. strength instead of 0 or a damage ring or an increased weapon damage, the larger number of critical hits suddenly matters directly for damage.

@0.9 lb shortswords:

I know, still it is relevant to the OP. Every time I contemplate about playing a 0 strength fencer I deplore this change, in fact I may reinstall 1.1.1 to do such a char myself, people who play 1.1.1 should definitely try this out.

The change was made according to mpa-Sil where people had wicked 0.5lb / 1d7 daggers lying all over the place and still did not use them - of course you do not see the utility in 0.9lb shortswords under such circumstances. I am not hardcore enough to go with daggers (1d5 ones) with a non-stealth char in Sil, however. Maybe I try with Nargil or Angrist, if I have a suitable char that finds it early.

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