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Originally Posted by Mikko Lehtinen View Post
Would you like it more if the searching was automatic when you're walking next to the closet? Many of you people developing v4 seem to dislike repeated searching, so I'm predicting everything search-related will eventually end up working like that.
Well I guess it's like this: if a closet requires a special command to search it, or to open it and take something out of it, I don't like it - seems like additional complexity for minimal gain (trapped closets? I can live without). But if a closet doesn't require any manual searching, and putting items into it and taking them out are as simple as 'd' and 'g' ... then what's the point of having it? It's just like any other square.

So I don't really see the point of closets. Trees, pillars, pits, icebergs, scree, lava .... I can see the point of lots of terrain features, just not closets.
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