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(Posting here in hopes that chris sees it at some point... also, skillmasters are great!)

As many here know, I play a modified version of poschengband with a bunch of changes (by me and several other people), most with fairly minor gameplay impact. The repository is at The git history is a bit messy because of merging and/or rebasing on new versions of poschengband as they are released, so I've organized the changes from vanilla poschengband into a changelog (for more details and proper attribution, see the actual commits):

Anyway, I'd love to see some of these changes get into regular poschengband. Certainly I don't expect everything there to be accepted, but I imagine a decent number of them might be of interest. Personally I find a lot of the "interface" changes to be pretty substantial quality of life improvements, and I've been happy with the actual gameplay changes as well (e.g. clouded's new monsters are quite good).
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