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Originally Posted by Sky View Post
traps do not give XP until @ is down to DL5. however, if you reach DL5 AND THEN go back, all traps will give XP, even on DL1.
I can't reproduce this, and I can't see anything in the code that would make it happen.

Originally Posted by Ingwe Ingweron View Post
Yes, fully identified. I swear it's a bug, but maybe I'm wrong. However, the blow/damage information is different depending on wielding versus in the pack. It didn't used to be this way. I'm wondering if the bug was introduced in the December 9, 2017 commit or earlier?
This whole piece of code has been causing issues for some time - the first problem was that it behaved badly when player stats were drained, and subsequent "fixes" have kept introducing new problems. I will file this as a bug.
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